"As a Trained Scientist,...

  any tool I use must be proven from all angles. The Value Builder System doesn’t lie. It      forces you to be honest and then shows you where the opportunities are.

~ Max Mabuti

Owner, Flat Foot Engineering

"I Love the Value Builder System...

and working with my Advisor, it’s been a great experience and has literally transformed the company.


~ Steve Henderson

CEO, Henderson Data Solutions

My Value Builder advisor helped me...

increase my re-occuring revenue from 15% of total revenue to 75% of total revenue. All of our expenses are now covered by re-occurring revenue.

~ John Christian Williams

CEO of JCW Creative

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We bring decades of transactional experience to the table and will only add value in helping you achieve your goals. Unlike the others, we guarantee that by NOT charging any retainer, engagement fee, or any other type of up-front cost. We ONLY get paid when YOU DO.

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The Value Builder System Explained

Value Builder System Pricing Packages

The valuation of a business comes from looking at historical transactions and performance both within the market and the business being valued, but when it comes to selling or recapitalizing your business, there are only a few opinions that matter, most importantly: the opinion of the actual market makers.

Unless your valuation includes direct opinions on your business from possible buyers, especially ones that have purchased similar businesses in the past, it’s missing a key component.